Monday, October 12, 2009

Scientists 'puzzled' over moon bombing no show

This interesting article from New Scientist which looks at the 'no show' which was the bombing of the moon. Considering the numerous anomalies on the moon i guess its no coincidence this 'mystery' happened?

In the final minutes of its plunge toward the moon, NASA's LCROSS spacecraft spotted the brief infrared flash of a rocket booster hitting the lunar surface just ahead of it – and it even saw heat from the crater formed by the impact. But scientists remain puzzled about why the event did not seem to generate a visible plume of debris as expected.

As hundreds of telescopes and observers watched, the highly publicised NASA mission to search for water on the moon reached its grand finale at 0431 PDT (1131 GMT) with a pair of high-speed crashes into a lunar crater named Cabeus.

During the crucial moments at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, scientists and engineers with LCROSS (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite) peered in silent concentration as successive images of the crater grew larger on their screens.

Nearby, some 500 bleary-eyed visitors that had gathered overnight outside mission control were watching the same pictures on a giant outdoor screen.

Yet, immediately after the scheduled impact time, there was no obvious sign of the spectacular explosion that many were expecting.

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noorderplas said...

i saw ones treu my scoop a meteor falling on the moon i saw a light and it was verry wauwwww ,but now they are try to hit the moon with a bom ,much bigger impact then a meteor and we see nothing??? is there more on the moon maybe they intercept this thing before its hitting the moon ,you tell me ??

noorderplas said...

ones i saw a meteor falling on the moon treu my scoop and it was a light it was verry great to see it a lot of oohhh and aaahhhh ,,but now they try to hit it with a bom much heavy impact then a meteor and we see nothing ?????maybe some one intercept this thing before it hits the moon ,,tell me ??

noorderplas said...

ones i see a meteor falling on the moon treu my scoop,,and it was great a lot of oohhh and aahhh ,but now they try to bomb this thing with a much larger impact then a meteor and we see nothing???????are there things on the moon we dont know and have intercept this thing before it hits the moon ??? tell me

Anonymous said...

It is really a mystery. Imagine, in this day of latest technology, when the whole world is watching, something mysterious happened, and no explanation.
Some say, they saw a bright light, etc. Others say they saw nothing. The TV was blacked out with white screen seconds before impact.
In this day, in front of the whole world, all this can be done!!

Anonymous said...

'The primary goal of LCROSS is to measure the concentration of water ice (ice to dust ratio) in permanently shadowed lunar regolith or soil. When the approximately 2000 kg Centaur impacts a permanently shadowed crater at 2.5 km/s, there is an initial flash followed by the creation of a debris blanket and plume. If water ice is present on the floor of the crater, it will be thrown skyward.

....The resulting Centaur impact crater will be approximately 28m (92 feet) in diameter by 5m (16 feet) deep while the LCROSS spacecraft impact will be approximately 18m (59 feet) in diameter by 3.5m (11.5 feet) deep.'

So scientists weren't so ignorant: they calculated exactly how much deep and broad the hole would be even to 0.5 accuracy.
And then? 80 million dollars are gone.

Mike said...

I watched the NASA TV feed over the internet live and I was imaging the moon at the same time with an 8-inch Celestron SCT and a Philips SPC900NC webcam. No plume on NASA's feed, much less in my video captures and stills. Later, while scouring the internet for videos of the event, I found one on YouTube that had something interesting at the 1:49 minute mark:

It's most probably the mouse of the operator at the receiving terminal, but hey... it sure looks pretty cool and UFO-like. Check it out and see for yourself. LoL!

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