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Ufos that mimic planes - the advent of 'mime Ufos' - fake planes ?

Ufos seem to have 'up the ante' so to say over the past decade with the way the keep themselves disguised . Its likely they know that humans are paying closer attention to their presence than ever before - so many of these craft have learnt ways to cunningly mimic commercial aircraft and therefore remain unnoticed by the public.

Like this one Video taped near Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada Nov 03/2009

The first time when i heard this on the Internet i did not believe this concept but over the last few years its obvious that Ufos can morph shape and replicate both sounds and navigational lights of commercial aircraft. Often however they can get the light formations incorrect and you can obviously decipher these craft from normal planes as they don't have standard FAA navigational light formations.

Dr. Bruce Cornet investigated these Fake Planes years ago. as here, and summed up the following properties associated with airborne night-time objects in Pine Bush, NY area:

· Imagery roughly mimicking aircraft behavior, lighting, and changing patterns and intensity of lighting.

· Certain data characteristics remaining constant or nearly so such as times of performances (dusk to Midnight) and places of performances.

· Stealth in appearance (i.e. low observable).

· Flaring of headlights during initial approach to the camera.

· Strobes that can resemble the colors and positions of navigation lights on conventional aircraft, but morph and change position, color, and number.

· Aspects of flight patterns that resembled the aerodynamic performances of conventional aircraft.
· Sounds that resembled those of conventional aircraft, but when spectrographically analyzed they are quite different from the sounds of conventional aircraft, and belie their exotic nature. The sounds were synthetic, composed of numerous individual frequencies blended together to produce a jet-like sound.

· Ability of objects to travel at speeds well below the stall speed of conventional fixed-wing jets and propeller-driven aircraft.

· Ability of objects to stop in air, make sharp right angle turns while moving, and to fly sideways and even backwards.

· Ability of objects to do maneuvers which would be difficult for even the best human pilots to perform, and suicidal to make at night and below 1,000 feet altitude over wooded areas, such as rolling over and flying upside down.

· Ability of objects to unfold and fold up its wings, and to fly without wings.

· Ability of objects to cut all sound and to produce harmonic sounds rather than sounds typical of turbine or propeller-driven aircraft.

· Ability of objects to travel at supersonic speeds without making a sonic boom or creating any noise or significant air turbulence.

· Unusual shapes, which range from triangles to diamonds and boomerangs, and the ability to blend in with the night background and reflect

The only other explanation i can think of for these could be hang gliders or micro-lights flying at night with
lights on them .. but who would be crazy enough to do that? ... what do you think of these?
September 2009
fake plane?
3rd November 2009
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Anonymous said...

I don't wanna spoil the excitement or anything, but that really looks like a plane taking a low degree turn with a tilt.

lol said...

This reminds me of a really odd encounter I had. I saw a dark red object in the sky and noticed it had no navigation lights which is illegal for planes. It was moving very slowly then lit up really bright yellow then started flashing very quickly of white and green. It could have been a UFO attempting to mimic a plane as it was moving very slowly and closely to the ground.

markymint said...

Yeah this "Fake plane" stuff is new to me and I was doubtful when I first read/saw a vid about it a few weeks ago. But I've kept an open mind, and in the mean-time there HAVE been aircraft flying around me that don't seem to fit the normal bill of flashing lights. Last week the only emitted lights were a red light and a bigger pulsing red light. Last night I saw one with multiple lights, crusing very slowly, no noise - but very low altitude, so again I couldn't just outright call it a "fake plane". Wiki seems to suggest all planes have a specific light pattern;

Aircraft navigation lights are placed...with a red navigation light located on the left wingtip leading edge and a green light on the right wingtip leading edge. A white navigation light is as far aft as possible on the tail or each wing tip. High-intensity strobe lights are located on the aircraft to aid in collision avoidance.

High-intensity white strobe lights are part of the anti-collision light system, as well as the aviation red or white rotating beacon. The anti collision light system (either strobe lights or rotating beacon) is required to be operational and to be turned on for all airplanes built after March 11, 1996 on all aircraft operations.

So I'm wondering if the "fake planes" I've seen recently have just had their collision beacons on, because they were both very low. One was strobing white, the other pulsing red - both fit the description above I suppose. Still, I'll keep looking, and continue to be skeptical about this ;)

Anonymous said...

You know, there have been reports from people who saw half of a commercial aircraft sitting motionless in the air. These things do have the capability to emulate flying things that are familiar to us, but they don't always get it right.

Mike said...

they're just airplanes...

it's a well known optical illusion that when viewed from a distance(and at night), airplanes can look strange and seem to have UFO-like flight characteristics. This is generally observed the most when the airplane is coming straight at you. From that viewpoint, it just looks like a globe of light. As you eyes strain to focus on it, optical illusions can make the airplane look as if it's moving erratically(sharp left and right turns) when it is in fact still moving in the same direction.

just try it for yourself. IMO ufology really should not treat this as a real phenomenon, as it is so easily discredited it will just make any investigator look like a fool.

Mike said...
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Anonymous said...

I would like something a bit more clear cut than this as the chances of it being an aeroplane are quite high.

Anonymous said...

Rule #1 - If some douche decided to add an introduction and/or music, it is not only annoying but fake.

Anonymous said...

I've also seen at least on two occasions the mimicking thing they do with lights. I've also taken photos of a red light triangle over Haifa bay in the beginning of Oct. 2009 (that wasn't mimicking anything, just being its bizarre self). It was silently moving from the bay flew over my house and eastward and then vanished, its red lights were rotating as if inside a transparent sphere of some kind (that's what it looked like to the naked eye). I don't have a very good camera but still managed to catch it (the photos show just three red lights, no sphere). Video was out of the question since I couldn't see anything through the digital viewfinder, it was too dark.

Bubba said...

I heard that aliens are also mimicking red-necks. Now I'm afraid to go to Wal-Mart.

Anonymous said...

mike- spot on, these are just planes. in getting really pissed about this whole thing, its going to stop real ufo study taking place. people please wake up these are only planes!!!

Jonathan said...

I had an experience were an object in the sky seemed to be bigger than your normal star but golden in colour and at first it seemed still .
i pulled over to the side of the road to take another look expecting to hear and see a plane. what a saw was a verylow flying object that was travelling at a speed at which a plane would be on the verg on stalling. With inconsistant lighting something didnt seem right about this object but what confused me most of all was that absoulty no noise could be heard , I beleive that as humans we are naturally afraid of the unknown and it might be something that you have to experience to understand. I kinda wanted it to be a plane but i know what i saw . This was no plane

TrutherD said...

Good to know about the FAA required lights. Here's a video from Alison Kruse with her Gen 3 nightvision showing man-made and suspect fake planes. YouTube WAMpZcLiWFI

Anonymous said...

Last night I saw something bizarre, I tried telling people but they just had to be there. I live in memphis TN, I was in midtown around 2 a.m. hanging out with some friends. I was in the passenger of my buddys car when we came to a stop light. a commercial plane caught my eye while we were stopped because it was stopped hovering around 100 feet from the ground. It was to the right of the car so I had a plain view. It was directly east of the car I should add. The wings looked a little thin and long. At first I thought this must be an airplane museum but no, after 10 seconds staring at this object it started to SLOWLY start flying again and that's when my heart pounded. I've always dreamed of seeing proof of alien life or some other being and it happened unexpectedly in front of my eyes. After that I did some research on the internet and here I am. I thought I might inspire some believers maybe skeptics. But overall take this information I'm giving you for your own knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Yes UFOs are showing up in our sky in the form of air craft, i have watched these time and time again, and im sure its a Technology not of this earth. Anyone in the North Essex area of the UK interested in UFO/sky walks email me at

Anonymous said...

What if!..."I'm only considering!" hypothetically! that if ufos can mimic "airplanes" [Fake Planes] then can ETs mimic PEOPLE??...THAT would blow my whitle!!! 0.0 :/ [Fake People!!]

Could THAT be a good reason for NOT, wanting full Disclosure?

"Way out!?..I know!" But look at ETs technology, in what they can achieve!? [MORPHING!]

It has already been said, that they
ARE, amongst us!...So what if?

The implication, has already rocked my boat, on hearing this!
but I don't hear anyone talking about it,could this be, because of
skepticism??...that could be understood!! or just early days still...........

Anonymous said...

They are intelligent. They communicate amongst their own kind. They are real, and they fly in vehicles that make airplanes look like an obsolete piece of junk for still running on a combustion engine. Evolution will sort that out in time.

In the meantime the MOST important aspect is to be good to all living things.

Anonymous said...

Found this after googling for ufos that look like planes, right after I clearly saw a commercial plane "stalled" too low in the sky (10:37am), pointed in the wrong direction in relation to the airport, and possibly out of scale. I live close to an airport and know the flight paths. I also work outdoors, and know how plane movements should look in relation to the observer's viewpoint; the one I saw was entirely in the wrong place, pointed from my left towards my right, and just hanging, low above the treetops. I was in a moving vehicle and had those same treetops obscure the "plane", which never cleared the treetops (I kept looking!) but couldn't land either, where it was. It just caught my eye because there were many things wrong with it, but I've also been wanting to spot a UFO, so maybe I got my wish!

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