Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mufons recap on the Airforce coverup at Stephenville back in 2008

Mufons suspcious about the Airforce coverup with the 2008 Stephenville event
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Anonymous said...

The ufo over Havasu city, looks to me, to have a camera fitted in the dome-like underbelly of the craft. Watch the movement of the craft. At first, it is horizontal, and then it tips up on its side and then gradually, in intervals of moments, rotates in increments around 360 degrees on its axis. This kind of movement is telling, and it suggests the presence of a camera and in fact if you look closely you can see a central darker spot right where the camera would or should be if my thesis is correct. Its odd because it does look, and move, like a disembodied, eye in the sky, which sends shivers down my spine because it reminds me of Col Halts description of what he saw in the Rendlesham forest. My thinking, is, that the movement of the craft in the sky, especially when it hovers in the one position and then tips up on its side, and rotates around its central axis, is very suggestive of being dictated by the presence of a camera which would then point to its function being that of a mobile eye in the sky surveillance platform, albeit a very secret and classified one. Now, if this device could be fitted with weapons, it would make this device a very powerful weapon. Hitting a target that can fly like an insect, either from the air or from the ground, would be next to impossible a task. If this footage is genuine and I believe it is, its some of the best footage ever recorded and constitutes evidence to the existence of what I would suggest is some form of anti-gravity platform.

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