Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Response to Dr Greers Disclosure briefing to President Obama ?

I know many people in the Ufo community feel like Dr Greer has steered off his course from 2001 but he does raise some important points in his new disclosure briefing letter to president Obama. Would like to know your opinions on the letter:

Sat 24 October 2009 Dr. Steven Greer

The unveiling of the detailed briefing provided to the new Obama
Administration and senior government officials in Washington, DC

The briefing papers announced at the Rio Rica conference included multiple high level
testimonies and secret documents.

Within minutes of the announcement which was sent out live via the Internet, a G7
Head of State team conveyed to Dr. Greer by phone that this was "fantastic and
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lol said...

Things are really speeding up. I don't believe Obama will take it seriously unfortunately, it will be up to another country like that G7 nation who will make contact and force america to disclose.

SirJoey said...

IMO, Dr. Greer is a genius, pure & simple. Intelligent, educated & articulate, he stands as a beacon of hope amidst the darkness of the "truth embargo", & represents what all of mankind should aspire to!

SirJoey said...
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Quinroxanne said...

Why would the President take this topic seriously there are many things to talk about.

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