Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Ufo causes blackout in Montserrato September 26, 2009 Ovnis

With all the Ufos over Europe at the moment - this report you may find interesting, its important to remember Ufos are often a cause of "unknown electrical blackouts":
On September 26, 2009, in Montserrato , all of a sudden the lights went out around 21, and a ball of light appeared over the houses. The fact has not escaped the former policeman Gaetano Castellano, who confirmed the sighting to phone us. "It was not a plane - say with confidence - I'm sure that, soon after, has passed an airplane and I could see the difference."
The object in the sky described by Castellano was gray and moved. He then left Monserrato very quickly. Castellano also adds a detail that considers significant: "the electric light was everywhere beyond, excluding the area where you saw the UFO." The photos were published this item on a website of journalist Sciacca Accursio Soldano. In 2007 a UFO was sighted in Agrigento a boy of 14 years. The year before, a strange flying object has crossed the countryside between Agrigento and Raffadali, taken from a restaurant. In 1995 an alleged sighting occurred in Caltabellotta (AG), one of Agrigento, who described a round object reflecting sunlight, which remained visible for about 2 hours.
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report on Montserrat Ufo


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monserrat is in spain not italy

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Please post UFO HUNTERS 'THE SILENCERS part 5/5' here as you did the first three parts. It is not possible to see it in youtube. This part is missing. Thanks