Friday, April 23, 2010

X-conference May 7-9 2010

Stephen Bassett talks about Ufo disclosure progress and what to expect at the upcoming X-conference for May 7-9 2010:

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18 April 2010 - Exopolitical activist Stephen Bassett talked about UFO disclosure as well as two major conferences coming to Washington D.C. later this year. On the subject of UFO disclosure, he alleged that the "truth embargo is hanging by a thread" and that "disclosure is inevitable and soon." Citing the vast number of countries that have released UFO files, Bassett said that "the ability of the US to contain this is evaporating."

In looking at how disclosure may come about, he surmised that President Obama would be chosen, by the "powers that be," to reveal the truth about UFOs, rather than initiating the announcement himself. Bassett also previewed the two conferences he is holding in Washington D.C. later this year. He noted that the X-Conference, coming in May, will be the first ET/UFO conference to be held at the National Press Club, which is mere blocks from the White House. "We are really bringing it right down to the center of the nation's capital," Bassett declared. In addition to that, he announced the creation of the Contact 2010, to be held in October
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Anonymous said...

I REALLY looking forward to this!
GREAT stuff!

Push Back said...

Investigations can go on till the end of universe as we know it and will prove nothing. There is a never ending stream of goofy eyed humans. They walk around with their heads stuck in the pie in the sky. The time for investigations is now at an end. I say shoot the aliens and the alien craft down.

Anonymous said...

In such a world full of trouble, conflict, wars, earthqaukes, volcanoes, etc...Now IS the perfect time for the new "saviours" of humanity to reveal themselves. Only, they're not our saviors at all.

Keep am nmind, but open your heart even more to the truth.

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