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Anonymous said...

While these pictures are indeed very interesting, they are not recent. STS-103 was the first Hubble servicing mission, and flew in December of 1999.

Anonymous said...

The games,the games. The "blue light, when shown in close-up in the video looks very much like a space craft of the traditional saucer shape.

There is of course no attempt to offer verification of the source (NASA, Disney, Photo Shop?)

Now assuming it is genuine there are a couple of scenarios: One is "Houstan, be advised there is a Santa Clause, or two, and it does look like a head-on view of one,
we have a nice shot confirming the high altitude capability of the TR3-B.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe who ever posted this video did not see the two greys in the video. Well they look like greys!

When the video starts, if you look to the left of the shuttle you can clearly see a big head looking at you, the eyes, nose, is very well seen. Now it could be an optical illusion. If you saw just 1 head you would think that, but there are 2 heads. Look further down the shuttle photo and there is another one a bit more faint. Is this the first ever official nasa video showing the greys?

Please make this big time news, people should be seeing this. It should be picked up by all the news sites!!!!!

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