Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Rendlesham Forest incident secret is out - RAF Bentwaters had nuclear bunkers

As you may know the Rendlesham Forest incident in 1980 was the Uk's most famous Ufo incident equivalent to Roswell in the USA. A triangular craft landed in the military base and over 30 military staff witnessed the event. Numerous documentaries have been made about the famous event with testimony and even audio recordings from RAF staff provided from the night confirming the sighting (see Ufo hunters episode).

Over the years i have explained the real reason why Ufos are often seen near military bases - Nuclear weapons. Ufos actively have been monitoring human use of and storage of nuclear weapons - thus why many ufo sightings occur near these bases time and time again. Numerous incidents have been recorded with the intervention of Ufos to destroy nuclear weapons and deactivate nuclear silos . Thus this is a major security threat to governments and military's world wide and the real reason why the truth about Ufos remain undisclosed - that is they have the ability to deactivate our most powerful weapons - nukes.

It has always been postulated that a nuclear storage facility was the reason for the reason the Ufo landed at RAF Bentwaters but it is only recently that this has been be confirmed:

According to a new article at Earth Files:

The RAF Bentwaters Weapons Storage Area had nuclear weapons – a TOP SECRET at the time. Those nuke bunkers were watched around the clock by security from the WSA Watch Tower. On the night that RAF Bentwater Deputy Base Commander Lt. Col. Charles I. Halt investigated lights and beam phenomena in Rendlesham Forest, the D Flight Security Flight Chief was Sgt. Rick Bobo.

The Delta Flight Security Chief in the Bentwaters tower the night of December 27- 28 was Sergeant Rick Bobo. The tower was fifty feet above the ground to give a clear, 360-degree view. Sgt. Bobo's priority was to report any threat to the WSA.

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John Umana said...

The Rendlesham Forest craft in December 1980 was real. ET spacecraft originate from outside of our solar system. This triangular craft wanted to be observed, and in fact landed smack in the center of a top-secret nuclear base in the U.K.. ET astronauts monitor and observe, e.g., weapons systems, Gemini and Apollo flights, space shuttle flights, among other things of interest. There is no life in this sun system other than on Earth. But the Milky Way is teeming with life and with intelligent life.
John Umana, Washington DC

Anonymous said...

It did not land smack in the centre of the base, it landed in the woods outside.

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