Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Re-post - a closer look at the Ufos over Iceland Volcano

For some strange reason my previous posts about that volcano over iceland and the Ufos seen during April over the area were taken down. Here is a repost showing some interesting Ufo videos taken from over the volcano. Remember there is a long know connection between Ufo sightings and volcanos , why you may ask? ... well im not sure.
28th of April 2010

April 2nd

31st March
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Deborah Hart said...

Volcanoes are hella interesting! I like to study them, I'm sure ETs do too!

Anonymous said...

Makes a lot of sense for extraterrestrials to take an interest in volcanoes.

Firstly they can hardly miss the spectacle of a spewing volcano. We are the same when looking at eruptions on Jupiter's moon Io for example via our own space probes.

Secondly flying into the gases and taking a few samples is going to teach them a great deal about the composition of the inside of our planet - just out of curiosity or their use by drilling deep enough.

Deborah Hart said...

Here here! Well said!

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