Monday, August 16, 2010

Alan Godfrey Abduction story

With recent reports of Strange lights in Hebden Bridge recently it has reminded me of an incident which happened in the nearby area many years ago - the Alan Godfrey abduction.
A twisted tale of murder, cattle theft, alien abduction and one British policeman.
Includes an interview with Alan Godfrey himself. You can read more about this puzzling event here.

pt 2

pt 3
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Anonymous said...

What an amazing story that was,with a Silver Lining!?...It appears that perhaps ET.had a hand in healing him!...He was told by the Doctor that he wouldn't be able to have children,but after his abduction,his wife gives him a son! That IS touching!?...Makes you think!?...Abductions are not all bad news!..Although,some might say that God had healed him in what ever way,..Who knows??

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