Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Major Ufo related events underway at Mount Adams August 13 2010

It seems that yet again major events are happening again down at Mt Adams...
"There's definite censorship going on, even within the major UFO community and the talk shows," says James Gilliland, founder of ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and UFO videographer extraordinaire. Mr. Gilliland provided Vancouver-based Secret Message TV with exclusive access to new footage of a UFO that descends from Mt. Adams in Washington State, turns and then flies below treetop level over the ECETI Field of Dreams. This same field is where hundreds of witnesses observed UFO's over the July 4th holiday weekend, watching as the mysterious craft appeared on Mt. Adams, changed colors and produced spectacular light displays. read more :

July 4 2010 - Over 150 people partake in the Intention Experiment and witness UFO's up near Mount Adams

James Gilliland talks about the recent footage of a strange object caught over the ranch in august 2010

If anyone has personally visited mount Adams and experienced a Ufo sighting there RealUfos would like to hear from you - please post a reply to this post. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Night vision is not to be trusted. In this case its more than likely just a dandelion seed cluster.

The problem with the night vision is it picks up everything but the perspective is skewed making small objects look large.

As for the claim that they are being shunned, seems kinda silly. Its more that they are hyping there un-convincing material, and then upset no one cares.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that the Night Vision googles offer any convincing proof. They magnify light reflecting of any object and distort size and depth perception. In this case it looks like dandelion dander to me.

As for the comment on being censored by other groups. The evidence presented isn't that convincing, no matter how much hype there is put behind it.

Looks to me like a bunch of folks who like having a nice Friday night and then get carried away with it all.

matrix2004 said...

I'm a UFO believer but that's not any UFO. First of all it was close to the camera. Second, it had the size and flightpath characteristics of a bug or maybe a dandelion.

If you believe otherwise, you are sadly mistaken and you should learn how objects appear in nightvision scopes.

Anonymous said...

Obviously an Owl...you can see the wings flapping through the night vision goggles. It's a shame that we have to post these desperately disgenuine ufo sightings when there are plenty of real ones to post. Please people find the real thing!

Push Back said...

I am so paranoid I am suspicious of my self

Anonymous said...

This is unidentified; however,I honestly do not think this sighting is piloted by an alien being inside some type of craft. I have seen similiar posted videos and this appears to be some type of living creature. Maybe an unidentified species. Just a thought. These things seem to power up, take flight and get brighter.

Push Back said...

The humans and other humans like them shown holding hands are not interested in the truth , they are interested in the event. The truth is they have a twisted view of reality and are very sick. As a mater of fact they are dangerous.

Anonymous said...

I have been to ECETI ranch and seen distant UFOs as well as lights on Mt Adams with my own eyes. I was also able to capture many pictures of orbs with my Sony digital camera, although I couldn't see them. Unless you have witnessed for yourself the multiple phenomena that regularly occur there, you are in no position to judge the semantics. Witnessing multiple, astonishing, unexplained events in one place, is enough to facilitate a paradigm shift, in understanding the unified field. The location may operate as an interdimensional portal, or an energetic vortex within a planetary grid. If you are brave enough to go there yourself, you may experience a beautiful shift. IMO, it's far more dangerous for humankind to NOT change! Within the MATRIX, the powers that be keep everyone ignorant about the real possibilities of physics and ET contact. Never mind the night vision material, if you can not accept it. There is FAR MORE happening at ECETI ranch than whatever you might still consider misinterpretations. One can't explain away multiple "light ships" transversing the sky, like sattelites, but stopping, changing directions and "powering up" to ten times the brightness of other stars. GO SEE FOR YOUSELF!

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