Friday, August 20, 2010

Ufos in Italy - in Ponte Milvio Northern Rome ovni

Italy - we are seeing many parallel Ufo sightings there yet again this month  -
2 new Ufo sightings in Italy. Its the parallel attached Light orb configuration.
If you live in Italy and have also seen a Ufo recently please post a reply and let us know.

Luminous spheres in the sky Ponte Milvio. last night were many witnesses of a strange light phenomenon visible on vertical hill Vigna Clara northwards towards Tor di Quinto. The attention of patrons of the kiosk Milvian Bridge was captured by the sudden appearance of three luminous spheres in the sky. All surprised to assist the nose upward to the extraordinary circle of three spheres of pale orange that moved independently of each other without following a route defined as a plane or a helicopter. The optical phenomenon lasted about twenty minutes. Unidentified objects, as witnesses tell, they moved in a circle and then line up in vertical formation, before disappearing one after the other

Strangely a similar sighting here also occurred in Italy in Rocca San Fecile (AV) 23:00 Rate this posting:

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