Monday, August 16, 2010

The Balls of light that create crop circles - Have you seen one?

Genuine crop circles are known to be created by balls of light. Many people near crop circles have filmed them yet these light plasmas still remain a puzzle. Infact, they are so long known in Wiltshire in the UK that   "Golden Ball hill" was named after them hundreds of years ago ( pre-dating our current crop circle hype era) . The question what are they? - are they intelligently controlled or some atmospheric phenomenon?
If you have further information or have witnessed a "ball of light" near a crop circle please respond to this post with your encounter. Also if you further video footage of links please submit them as a reply to this post.

Some footage and accounts of balls of light in crop formations.

Famous footage - Military Helicopter over crop circle intercepting ball of light:
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Anonymous said...


Did not anybody have the thought that this balls of light are living intelligent beings themself, instead of a craft or probe controlled by some alien in some remote place?
Does not we have here in earth beings like fireflies?
We are looking at living beings that have powers to talk to us with signs and symbols.

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