Monday, October 25, 2010

Lanterns over Delaware Pennsylvania 22 October

Quite sure these are Chinese lanterns here (thus why no noise). Seen above Delaware Pennsylvania 22 October at night by many people. I've posted soley for your debate and feedback.
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Anonymous said...

Hoaxers and copycats looking for some instant fame on the intertubes. You really have to question people's sightings/motivations more than ever these days. It's a shame though, makes it really difficult to tell what's legit and what isn't.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! The seed of doubt,not helpful!...JUNK... in this respect

Anonymous said...

I looked and noticed some odd behavior for these so-called "lanterns" at the 2:30 mark of the video. You see one bright red object blink on and off and then drop a considerable distance between other objects, then it stops and hovers. That's pretty weird for lanterns, wouldn't you say?

Spetz said...

A group of lanterns normally would show equal behaviour. Following same direction, speed and change in altitude. These "lights" however act independent of eachother. They have different speeds (increase and decrease at times) and they move also in various directions. Some even make a turn. If these would be balloons or lanterns carrying a light / candle than they could not make turns or act tas these lights do!

In my opinion these are indeed genuine "unidentified flying objects".


Anonymous said...

if these turn out to be chinese lanterns i would not be surprised...with that said though, these video was shot less than a mile from my home...i did not witness this event....but over the last few eeks i have seen very similar objects in the same are but not in such fact my wife and i witnessed a triangle formation of similar lights that appeared out of nowhere and after about 20 seconds simply vanished...i have also been noticing an incredible amount of lights in the sky that appear to look like gps satellites...flashing white, red, green....except they are far too many to be gps sats in one specific field of before the naysayers have a field day with this it is important to note that i am ex military and an expert in navigation....and yes celestial navigation as well....take it as you will...dont know if its aliens but something wierd is going on in the skies over delaware for sure.

Randall said...

Well, after doing some research on Chinese Lanterns I found out that this sighting does look like lanterns. However, I can't completely write this sighting off as lanterns. I have my doubts because some of the objects flickering seem to be more controlled than a constant flicker like a flame would produce. I also have doubts because I've seen other footage with striking similarities and that footage is clearly not lanterns. Go here UFOs Over Phoenix and check out some of his videos. Check out some of the older vids from 2004 and you'll see what I mean. This guys been filming these objects ever since the Phoenix lights in 1997. He's got some of the most revealing vids I have ever seen.

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