Monday, March 14, 2011

BATTLE: LOS ANGELES - Out in cinemas now

Ok So Battle Los Angeles was released this week (the 11th of March) and is a clear box office winner, with great reviews and excellent CGI effects. I would like to hear from people have gone and seen the movie - what did you think? Checkout below the full movie trailer.
The movie is important to the ufo community because it is actually based on a true but long the long forgotten Ufo event that actually took place over the skies of LA back in 1942. Any exposure about this event to the public is important and i encourage people to read up on it.
Full Trailer:

Further movie reviews
Real News Clippings below from the 1942 Ufo LA event (read more) just to reminder that this was actually a real ufo event involving multiple craft :
Army officer "if 1000 rounds  of ammunition can't bring one plane down - then their not planes"

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Anonymous said...

Film Battle: Los Angeles 2011 - Preemptive Propaganda Against Real Extraterrestrial Disclosure.

I had already watched the movie its full of Pro–U.S. Military alien invasion propaganda ! And those who are calling ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ takes its cue from an actual event are spreading disinformation.

Anonymous said...

Great reviews? All the ones I've seen have panned it. Roger Ebert gave it half a star.

Anonymous said...

This movie maybe based on an actual story but the storyline leaves something to be desired.
Talk about a great setup to an all out alien invasion for real.

They forgot to mention in the movie how the ET craft never once fired on us but rather they shot 1500 rounds towards it and couldn't bring it down.

Movies like this should be banned because of the fear it puts in people, because if our ET friends really wanted to take over our world they would have done it by now.

However, there are bad aliens that are already living on this planet that are helping run the world.

People lets focus on the real enemy here the Governments and the people behind them, they're the ones we should deal with and fast.

Anonymous said...

lol wow it was just a had nothing to do with the los angeles incident hell it didnt even mention it in the movie. I agree with the military propaganda(it was layered on pretty thick) but that what you would expect from hollywood since we are at a war time it is easy to relate to and if it relates it makes money. All in all i loved it actually. I havent seen a good alien movie like that in a while. Dont go looking past what it is...FUCK roger ebert

The Bo$$ said...

I would never waste my time watching a movie that lies about the truth..the only 2 things true here are the name "Battle of L.A." and UFO that's it the rest is all B.S. can't stand america sometimes

Sonam said...

If you don't want to waste time watching lies, I have some advise for you: Stay in Bed!

Sonam said...

If you don't want to waste time watching lies, you should stay in bed all day!

Anonymous said...

Well said, anonymous whom typed at 7:54pm! Bravo!

John said...

Not another alien invasion movie come on! -Boring
Why not make an intellectual piece that actually depicts real events.
I sincerely hope they don't claim this movie to be based on a true story.

Anonymous said...

For ME;...I love the Americans,
lovely People!...I just don't like whats going on there, thats the difference!?.....

M C Walton said...

Just another CGI-laden crapfest being passed off as a film. Lazy, derivative writing, lots of screamed perfunctory dialogue and cardboard cutout characters. It was just as well when it was called "Independence Day".

Anonymous said...

a promotional movie for the US military.. not related to any serious UFO phenomenon in any way. don't waste your time and money on seeing this crap.

Anonymous said...

You did not shoot that green shit at me!

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