Friday, March 18, 2011

Ufo zoomed in - Lake Erie April 13 2010

Zoomed in view of a Ufo over the famous ufo hotspot Lake Erie from April 13 2010
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Hieronymus Braintree said...

It's a great looking video, but there are still a few issues.

1. We can't rule out special effects.
2. The UFO doesn't do much except to float and look cool. Again, there are none of those impossible sudden accelerations we keep hearing about
3. Why did the couple stop shooting? The video appears to arbitrarily stop. If they honestly thought that this baby was the real McCoy they should have kept it up as long as possible. (Of course maybe they did and simply failed to mention it).
4. Also, if these folks see a UFO and have the attention of a local news station, why not call them so they can independently verify and shoot the sighting? Even better, they could have announced the sighting as ongoing on the air. That way you could have maybe hundreds of witnesses AND independent video corroboration.

This could have been the big utterly undeniable Big One we've all been wating for.

Ah, well.

Anonymous said...

Would it be correct to say, that this light looks kinda polarized!?
a restricted vibration of light, that causes light to vibrate within
particular planes,or vibrate in this way as seen in the video!?

Did you see the lines of light?
A bit EERIE!..I mean,would you want
to be close to this?..not me!

But yes! interesting footage.....

Anonymous said...

Yet another bunch of flickering lights in the night sky at a distance. It is definitely a ufo. Whether it is ET is another matter. Object is not displaying any movement or maneuvers consistent with advance technology. For all we can tell from this, it could be candles on a balloon. Kudos to the the videographers tho for trying to hype this up as ET with their comments LOL.

Michael said...

As a graphic artist i'm familiar w/almost every lighting effect in AdobeAE & 3dsMax/Maya (the 2 most widely used programs for generating CGI). This isn't any of them. If it were a lighting effect made using either of those programs, it would look much much cleaner & sharper. CGI can be ruled out

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