Sunday, March 13, 2011

Michio Kaku , Stanton Friedman , Nick Pope - Contact Learning from Outer Space Global Competitiveness Forum

Five amazing and well respected speakers on the Ufo topic were hosted by the Saudi Arabian Investment Authority at the Global Competitiveness Forum late January 2011.  Michio Kaku , Stanton Friedman , Nick Pope, Jacques Vallee & Zaghloul El Naggar spoke with the forum focus on "Contact Learning from Outer Space.Each presentation discussed extraterrestrial life from the perspective of technological innovation, and the implications for humanity.
I suggest you take time to listen to each speaker, they are all really well spoken and such conferences bring the Ufo topic back into the realm of serious consideration:
Michio Kaku

Stanton Friedman
Zaghloul El Naggar

Nick Pope

Jacques Vallee
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Nick DK said...

Ofcause the have 2 bring a religos fool along, talking about the koran and how it all fits together.

Why not just let those cavemen throw rocks at each other like the always have done and use the energi where it will be at use.
Waste of time trying to tell them anything thats beyound the birth of mouhammed (the profet)


Anonymous said...

Yes there isn't any doubt about the
well respected speakers,and it was
interesting to hear them,..BUT!..
How long are we going to, just hear
speakers on the ufo/ET. Topic? & its all good, but its been years of talking, and still going on Really!? is anyone listening?
I mean,is there another level to all this? or are we just stuck with
talking only!? and talking IS, a good thing, but is it going any where?..ET's not coming down,and we
keep chasing them!..Disclosure was almost here, now its doubtful!
If no one knows what the next level is, then I guess we just keep talkin!

Anonymous said...

Put another log on the fire, NICK!

Your comments are a bit COLDHARTED!

There could be a bigger connection
between the "koran & the ETs." than is realized at this moment.
There is a much bigger picture to be revealed yet! and that's why we need Disclosure!?

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