Friday, March 18, 2011

UFOs on Moscow on March 8 2011

Ufo filmed over Moscow
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Michael said...

lemme guess, planes? i'll gaurantee some anon troll says it's planes

Anonymous said...

Planes :P

You are the real troll. You believe in every video in which a light can be seen oO Going to film my flashlight for you ;)

Michael said...

Let me just ask, how come these "planes" have no FAA regulated strobing lights? How are these "planes" able to move side to side and remain fixed in position? Do you hear them? I mean 3 planes flying that low to the ground would generate an immense amount of decibels? Can you explain all the evidence i've just presented you negating the possibility of typical aircraft, or do you just call every light in the sky an airplane? I would really like to hear some sort of intelligent rebuttal to back up your "plane :p" comment, but i won't hold my breath.

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