Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Very Low Flying Military Helicopters all over Sydney today - why ?

Ok a little unrelated to Ufos but I noticed today a fleet of black helicopters really low over the city in Sydney and down Parrammata river and it seems so did alot of other people. - Did anyone else notice this?.
Sydneysiders are being warned not to panic if they see Army Black Hawk helicopters swooping over the city centre next week. Defence officials say pilot training exercises will be held in the city centre and at Sydney Football Stadium day and night on Monday and Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

This is nothing more than the Australian SAS practising urban tactics drills. Zero conspiracy angle here please remove.

Anonymous said...

And NO erroes, or else!! ?

Stewart said...

Yes i agree, they were training in Melbourne just last month and now sydney. No cause for conspiracy here.

Anonymous said...

Mate, there obviously preparing for a military operation involving the city area in Sydney. Alot of people frequent there everyday, it's no wonder the armed forces have a vested interest.

This is 2012. If you're not prepared for the Goverment bearing down on you, you're clearly under their influence.

Why else would they need helicopters there, of that magnitude and force. There not JUST for transport...

Were not being told the whole story... There clearly planning an attack to rival 9-11, in Sydney's CBD.

There were also bomb squad drills in martin place station...

Whats going to happen? I dont know. But i do know not to trust what the government/military say...

This is the age we live in,
Massive population Booms, Scarcity of Food, Rising Sea Levels, lack of employment and education. breakdown of family structure...

All the problems you know as normal are being driven by one thing.

THE "Legal" right to kill you when things get crazy..

They got the airforce to drop bombs on your sht so what are you gonna do, right?

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