Saturday, April 02, 2011

Katy Perry ET Video - ready for abduction ?

Bit off the topic here... Ok i do try to avoid popular culture but everyone has been emailing me this morning regarding Katy Perry's new ET Video. People have mentioned things like "it glamorizes abductions".. "its preparing the younger culture subconsciously for alien interaction" and so on.
I think its just a  well written song - but what are your thoughts on this one  - seriously could there really some underlying message here in the video?.

Crafted message or well written Lyrics ?:

They say be afraid 
you're not like the others, futuristic lovers
different DNA, they dont understand u

You're from a whole other/another world
a different dimention
you open my eyes
and im ready to go, lead me into the light

take me, t-t-take me
wanna be your victim, ready for abduction
boy, you're an alien, your touch so far away
its supernatural, extraterrestrial
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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go as far, as saying it's well written, NOT my thing!
but would you allow your children to to watch & listen?

Its full of connotations!!

But having said all this,
when the cats not around,the mice will play!..Katy Pery ET Video.....

Anonymous said...

Yes, theses are clear messages to prepare young people to accept some aspects what is perhaps coming.

Anonymous said...

suspiciously sounds like Tatu's all the things she said

JONEZ said...

I think everybody should just calm down & not read things into it. The reason ufology is so ridiculed its because of the so called communities reactions to things like this. If we are to be taken seriously we need to just deal with the facts at hand & leave the conjecture to the 9/11 crowd. Guessing or pretending to know helps nobody & this is why they laugh at us & we get nowhere because people are reading ridiculous notions into a pop video..

Anonymous said...

"Well written lyrics?" Crap lyrics without a shred of sense would be my estimation. Cole Porter's were well written.

Anonymous said...

A pop video, "IS" what it IS!

and that "IS" what people read in to it, for better or for worse.

The peoples judgment! getting away from it.

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