Monday, March 28, 2011

More Ufos over BOGOTA Colombia

March 2011 new Ufo report in here from BOGOTA Colombia.
Comment and thoughts on this new sighting people?

BOGOTA Colombia
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Anonymous said...

ColOmbia not Columbia, keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Well here we go again,..the first thing I thought was incoming planes
for landing, the patten is there yes the lights are bright & always seen just above the horizon in the
distance, an slowly become higher
as the plane gets closer,but not that high, so how do we explain that?

There is a NASA video, that shows ufo moving towards thunder storms
down into the storm itself.

Could this be the same thing happening here,that we see in this video, but from ground level this time.. maybe not!!

look forward to the viewers comments on this sighting.

Just Planes! ha!ha!..but WHAT IF!?

Michael said...

Dude... I don't know why i even bother, but these are obviously not planes. No strobing lights, and they they don't move. If it were planes moving away or towards the camera the lights would either get larger or smaller, plus there are no FAA regulated strobing lights visible at any point during the entire 5 minutes of footage. Simple deductive reasoning (which i seem to be 1 of the few people who posses this skill)dismisses the possibility these lights are planes. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

And again... these are airplanes, you can actually see one of them landing at an airport at the end of the video. And if you have ever seen an airplane flying directly towards yourself, you would know that you can (at best) only barely see the strobing lights until the airplane is relatively close to your position and that there sometimes seems to be no movement, because of the distance to the object. Deductive reasoning it is.

Michael said...

You're right. My mistake, These are airplanes, and it seems as if the video was created just to cause confusion, there's a lot of editing in this video, i think it was some1s pathetic attempt at hoaxing a UFO video. My bad, i was in a rush and watched this on my phone,while waiting on a table at a restaurant, and upon a closer look at home from my laptop, it's pretty obvious these are airplanes. I made the classic mistake of jumping to conclusions, before reviewing all the evidence. I apologize

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