Saturday, April 02, 2011

Triangle UFO Hovers Over Brighton UK

Brighton, famous for its stoney lined beach recently had a strange ufo sighting the other night. Although Chinese lanterns are outlawed in the Uk there is still a chance this sighting may be 3 lanterns. It would be good to hear from anyone in Brighton who may have also witnessed this one.

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Anonymous said...

oh was me.. i was lighting off lanterns...sorry my wife is asian...and we light off lanterns alot... we were on the lanterns... and she was "aaaaasieeean".... please stop with the lanterns. just say not sure or provide a list of what it can be..(it would be okay if you put lanterns as one of the maybys) okay lantern boy...

Michael said...

When are people going to wake up... These displays are getting harder and harder to debunk. Those are 3 laser point like red lights completely motionless hovering over a crowded, busy city scape. They are tired of being ignored, and are probably up on their ships like "REALLY? WTF do we have to do to get your attention?" Am i the only 1 that notices how they are getting more and more obvious in the nature in which they reveal themselves?

sz91 said...

In the UK is the prohibition of releasing Chinese lanterns?

Stephen said...

Chinese lanterns are not outlawed in the UK!

crunchy said...

i can state catagoricly these are not chinese lanterns.

i am the person who filmed this.
chinese lanterns are orange and move

they do not stay static in the sky

Anonymous said...

I live over that way and often see lights like these. 99 percent of the time I can identify them as Chinese lanterns, which is what I believe we see here.

Michael said...

It doesn't matter what you say to them. For some reason these anons frequent this site just to bash every video, or try and discredit every piece of footage on the site. I really don't understand why a person who doesn't believe in UFOs or aliens would visit a sight devoted to just that so often... You can clearly tell that the color is way off and they remain motionless, which instantly disproves the lanterns theory, but they'll keep singing the same song; bash the uploader, and the site moderator for putting the vid up and call every video planes or lanterns no matter how obvious the evidence is against their claims.

Anonymous said...

I am, a bit of a skeptic, and I believe that is a healthy way to be, but at the same time, I am "very interested in ufo"...WHY?

Because, I believe that something is going on!!

The police have sightings & reports of the same.

The Pilots have sightings,lots of sightings.

Radar REPORTS many.

People claim to have sightings,but 95% of those sightings can be explained,leaving 5% unexplained.

So! what is actually being sighted?
something is going on,thats for sure,and its THAT!...that has my attention. not just lights in the night,that could be,..what ever!?
There are day sightings! always out of focus,that could be..what ever!? so what are we left with,
aside from lar-lar land, of what these things could be,NO ONE KNOWS RIGHT!? and that is were I'm staying,until something TANGIBLE
comes along to be seen by all.

Anonymous said...

I live in hove and can say I often see these orbs in the sky often moving, not orange like lanterns but pure white with no flickering, although on this occasion I did not see these lights.

I am convinced though they are are not terrestrial in origin and of intelligent control.

Those that believe otherwise need to wake up and stop living in the government controlled bubble.

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