Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Triangle Ufo over Salerno ITALY?

9th April in Salerno in south Italy these 3 triangle light formations were spotted very low - what are your thoughts on this recent sighting?
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Morepork said...

Remember!..75% can be explained,but
only 5% are unexplainable.

So what category does this, or any of them fall into??

This wise little night owl,was thinking,does this 75% that can be explained, mean they're ETs. or something else!?:) lol

Anonymous said...

Correction:..95% ufo.can be explaind, & I expect that would include hoaxing! While 5% ufo remain unexplained.

Anonymous said...

What song is that!? Its quite the jam! : )

Anonymous said...

errr suspicious

Anonymous said...

So there is such a thing as, healthy skepticism!? lol

Anonymous said...

Now I'm in the jam! but thats what I've heard! true!!

But you ain't seen nothin yet!
and neither have I.

Michael said...

This 1 screams hoax, but there's not enough footage to make any kind of accurate identification, especially with the quality being so bad. I'd say that says it all right there, bad quality, overly pixelated, only a 13 seconds of "UFO" footage, obviously there was nothing spectacular going down or he would have gotten more video of the object in question, so it's pretty easy to dismiss this 1.

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