Sunday, May 29, 2011

Close up - What were those things over the Oklahoma tornado ?

Were these objects weather ballons from storm chasers?
They can't be ufos right ? I still have not definite answer .
Can anyone confirm this? Here is another close-up of the footage over an Oklahoma tornado:
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Anonymous said...

These objects, were trailing a definite path behind the tornado,
and one on this side, down low, and one on the far side, some distance away I expect! a "steady movement" with the tornado!

They could have been helicopters at a safe distance,observing the
tornado,BUT why then,were they not seen on the news??..and if they were weather ballons,from storm chasers,would you have expected these ballons, to preform like a helicopter,or maybe ufo??..I doubt it!!..These objects were too directional, in there order!?

I did notice, that the difference
between these objects or lights, if you will!?..and the debris chucked up from the tornado, was that the objects or lights, had this "BLACK area above & below the object or light"..The DEBRIS did not!! I have seen this on other video's!...I take it then, that this is a strong lighting, either from helicopter or something else!?

However, having said all this, I don't rule out the possibility of a CGI...because this same tornado was seen on the news, and "NO" objects/lights were seen!?

In my opinion,..CGI!!!

Anonymous said...

Huh? This same video was shown on ABC news as they interviewed the driver. The spheres are showing in every showing on TV including the weather channel but no one asks the obvious... "What the Hell are those things?"

Scotty beam me up. There is no intelligence on the planet.

CBI my @ss!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

finally someone else talked about the craft near the twister

Anonymous said...

Ha!ha!...Well beam me back down again Scotty!

Hooly cow then!!?..Why is it then, that some people are saying that on their news report, these objects are not seen! and you are saying,that this was seen on ABC & WEATHER whats going on here?

Could it be, that a CGI. copy is getting through to some of the news!? or is that far too much out there!?

Anonymous said...

Unbeknown to him, yeah! beam him up Scotty! and keep him up there!!

Anonymous said...

A lot of people were saying that these weren't in the "original footage"

Find the original footage and you'll have the answer!

So yeah! what is going on??

Michael said...

Come on now people, helicopters? Ok 1 filming from a good, safe distance, & possibly even another rescue chopper nearby makes sense, but 6? 4 of which in close proximity, all while a massive twister hurls debris about recklessly? Really? That's WILDLY sketchy, & EXTREMELY DANGEROUS on SOOOO many levels. You don't have to be a genius to know that's ridiculous. Not to mention, you can CLEARLY make out an 18 wheeler through the debris, precipatation & wind current, how on earth would not 1 single FAA strobing light be apparent on 5 visible helicopters?

Anonymous said...

Those objects weren't on our,so whats this about?

Kibby said...

agreed with mike, any wind will certainly trigger gyro stability which will never fly in steady - or in worst scenario, crashed.

they're not the helicopters, period. same goes to the weather balloons.

Anonymous said...

OK!..Kibby!..all of you!! "Think!!"

Where do you think,the shot of the Tornado, was being taken from?
a cloud?? are looking down at the Tornado,"funny that!!"lol
It wouldn't happen to be a Helicopter by any chance?..Noooo!
couldn't be a Helicopter!

Look, the Video must have been taken in the chopper,you can hear the dam motor,for goodness sake!?
Where there is one, there is more!
These Helicopters are farther back away from the Tornado than they appear to be.
Consider this!..the Helicopter,in which the Video was taken,did just fine! too were the others!!

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