Friday, May 20, 2011

Interesting points on the Fort Worth Light show

Numerous things remain unexplained about the Fort Worth Texas light show recently.
This guys brings up a few points especially those orbs in the sky over the lights.
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ST said...

One thing I noticed is that some of the flashes seem to be moving. If you look at the shadows between the trees you can obviously see that the flash is moving on the ground. Just like a car going through fog between trees. Is that a normal transformer explosion?

Anonymous said...

Yeah! well,..good points have bean made in this vid. BUT! I wouldn't go as far as to say that all ETs.
are Benevolent,because there seems
to be evidence that some are not!
Is there proof of this?
Well,for a start,don't shoot at them,or all hell will brake loose!
How do I know this?...

Go to " Chatroll

On that Chatroll is a Video:
The Kevin Smith Radio Show,like nowhere else on Earth!...talks to:
Command Sgt.Mag: Reveals a Battle with UFOs.and Captured Aliens - 1 of 8 clips...Very interesting video.This interview seems to me,to be genuine and compelling,
its up to you to decide.

Anonymous said...

Great comparison of videos. All of these videos seem to be very recent. Maybe we will keep seeing a trend. I have seen lightening hit a transformer and there is a big white flash and then the power is knocked out. This definately appears unusual with the many blue flashes dispersed over a large area. I would think that transformers are grounded and lightening would only affect one or two. The Fort Worth video is definately UFOs. Who would be flying around during a severe thunderstorm.

Anonymous said...

Looks very similar to the "UFO makes an entire village disappear in china" video

Randall said...

He's right about one thing, and that is the millions++ of US citizens are waking up to the fraud and scam known as "The War on Terror."

It's possible that we've already been attacked by Russia. Why do I think something crazy like this? Check out this video of a top Russian official and the statement he makes in an interview a few days ago. Especially towards the end of the video.

Many people have made claims that this guy is an arrogant drunk and that we shouldn't take what he says seriously.

I hope they're right because if what this Russian official says turns out to be true, then everyday life in America is about to get even more tense than it has been.

Anonymous said...

It seems like the orb's appear and disappear with certain "explosions" appearing and disappearing. I think it's some kind of lens flare of the camera.

Anonymous said...

See what you mean on that
Russian video clip.
Probably vodka talk!? a bit off, if you ask me!?

Randall said...

Has anyone ever seen Fastwalkers? In that documentary Alan Tolman explains his experience while visiting George Admaski.

He describes seeing a blue-white flash of light. Then a craft appears and shoots out into space. So, if what he says is true, then these recent flashes of light could possibly be related.

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