Friday, May 27, 2011

Сrop Circles In Krasnodar Russia In TV News

Further news on that huge crop circle in Krasnodar Russia

Cause big traffic jams on the outskirts of Krasnodar could be aliens.
Near the village of Znamensky along roadsides stood about a hundred machines. People attracted huge drawings on the field.

According to a special correspondent Olga NTC Music in this figure by even the most inveterate skeptics doubt is that this man could do. Spikes are not broken, and neatly stacked flat waves, and in different directions, and in the middle of the figure by small islands.
Spikes like a dense carpet hung over the land. Even if we try to put them both manually, it will not work. Yes and how many need to work to paint the whole field. Typically, the drawings on the fields in the form of clear geometric shapes

. What is depicted in Znamenskoye - yet no one understood.Were they aliens or is it someone that human hands will now deal specialists. Most likely, it will ufology, but understand it will be difficult, because after the tourists, the drawings became more clear, vivid, and they have new items.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, where's the circle? Any cereal farmer will tell you this is lodged wheat, cause by heavy rain and /or high winds!
Unless of course an aerial shot shows some fancy pattern in it.

Anonymous said...

no FORM, no SIGN, no Geometry......NO CROPCIRCLE

Anonymous said...

I think some Crop Circles are manmade, bud not all!!

"THIS ONE" and OTHERS,would be a good example, of something else going on.

"The intricacies, the size alone"
OVER NIGHT!??! not manmade, but something else..but what??

Anonymous said...

A FIGURE? where?

Anonymous said...

I firmly believe in crops circles, sure some can be made by man but there's plenty that defy explanation, physics or science. Attempt at communication? probably, there just beyond our comprehension.

Anonymous said...

If aliens are making crop circles , then the aliens are plain stupid. And those that try and make something out of the stupid , are them selves stupid.

Anonymous said...

An idiot video with idiot music

Anonymous said...

The person who said idiot video and idiot music is quite possibly an uneducated teenager who has been a victim of brainwashing by mainstream media and government control. This person is also a victim of the uncontrollable human ego which keeps people like him or her under the control of the powers that be on this planet. This person is among many that think we are the 'special people' that are the only ones in this vast universe not forgetting the neighbouring universes that this person probably does not even know about.

I think you need to look at yourself and the ego that controls your mind before you call the awakened among us 'idiots'!!

Anonymous said...

Areal photo pls

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