Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Military Helicopter Over Milk Hill Crop circle 17th July 2011

Quite strange that an Apache military chopper passes directly above a crop circle on Milk Hill. Some people report this is common occurrence and some argue the reason for this is military training bases are nearby. Infact it seems in the UK wherever there are sacred sites or crop circles, military bases are very close by (like the air base behind Stonehenge) - is this no coincidence?

Milk Hill Crop circle
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Anonymous said...

and now? its not forbidden to fly over a crop circle.

Anonymous said...

LOL!..are you "implying" something here, in this intriguing statement you make?...ha!ha! it is an interesting thought though!?
I'm not going to say whats on your mind! lol..its now on ours! you could have a good point there!?

Bathtub said...

I would have thought that a military pilot on a training exercise would be as intrigued by a crop circle as anyone else. This doesn't strike me as sinister or significant at all.

Anonymous said...

they do not like being buzzed by the military there.

Anonymous said...

Never mind Bathtub!..just pull the plug on this one!?:)

Anonymous said...

its not the fact they are flying over a crap circle its all the other little things buzzing around are your peole blind!

mike said...

orbs and ufo`s are common at milk hill

Anonymous said...

check this out,30 seconds from the start of the video there is an object crossing the skyline fast,and i mean: e.t fast if you know what i mean,dont miss it! 30 seconds in the video,look carefully behind the chopper

Anonymous said...

Yes, but there is more than one object moving around,and they could be birds, that are a bit closer in view, but out of focus
BLURRED!...unless we get CLEAR shots,its a bit difficult to define
just what they are..but,could be a
ufo,if thats what you wish to believe:)

Its all hypothetical anyway, with blurred video's!?

Gridkeeper said...

This has happend to me many times over the past few years. I have been followed by choppers everywhere igo including when i'm in the City in London. Went into the bank of england last year and whilst i was in there a lynx hovered over the entrance. I'm followed by the blue and yellow "training" choppers also as seen in this playlist ihave on youtube. There are more bases in england than people realise. The control panel for the ley line earth grid is stonehenge. Stonehenge and the surrounding areas such as avebury sit on the longtitudinal line of 51 degrees. heart chakras on the human body are 51 degrees, the giza pyramid is 51 degrees. Crop circles produce wave signatures which can help open human heart chakras. The land around stonehenge is chalk, earth, clay, grass, water which creates an electric/dialectric effect the same as the pyramids. The angles of pyramids and obelisks are the Anglesof Creation as shown by the pharoahs skirts on the walls of egypt.
The templars whom were murdered in 1309 understood this and built cathedrals to open the heart chakras. they were killed for this and so was King Harold one of my greatest of grandfathers. Cathedrals in england work to shut the hearts so we can be more easily controlled through fear etc with the use of haarp through this system. Ever wondered why there are so many obelisks in towns and cities? The angles on the top usually relate to your heart or the higher angles which allow the obelisks to feed fear into yoyr chakras throught he ley system via haarp and the media. Humanity has so much to learn as far as the real truth is concerned.
MOD/NSA tries to control this whole system using haarp and i know how to chnge the system and do so on a regular basis, hence the video witht the apache in it amongst many others. this is why there's so much disinfomation about crop circles and why the queen of england takes much interest in them, she is the hed of com 300 and some of these circles take away their power, something which i have experience with. saying that, there are many good people in the british navy and i do hope for all our sakes that most of the movers and doers have the welfare of humankind in their hearts when the shit hits the fan. We need them on our side. PEACE, Duncan aka Gridkeeper.

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