Friday, August 26, 2011

Readers Ufo sighting reports August 2011

Just a few of the interesting personal Ufo sightings we receive here from our readers at realUfos. Please remember if you have a sighting please use the submit button about to send us your story.

Chicago OHare Airport 2006
In 2006 i was the manager of uhaul of des plaines about 1 mile from ohare airport and i saw a halo shootstraight up from the direction of the airport in daylight. I never thought to report it I heard others saw it as well.

August 23, 2011 Austin texas.
About 10:00 pm travelling west on highway 50 in Nevada. Just outside of the town of Austin, I see a bright orange light that is a little bit bigger and brighter than a planet. It catches my eye, then blinks out. Gone. I'm telling my kids that I've seen one of these lights before near Ely, Nevada. I point to the lights of a jet nearby and comment how a jet doesn't blink out. Then my teenage son notices more jets flying in the same area as the orange light. They are in formation. I see the orange light appear again. It fades in, just like it faded out the first time. Then in a few seconds it blink out again. Now it is clear that there are several jets in the area. I see the orange light a few seconds later, but this time it's way over on the other side of the night sky. Must be going very very fast. The jets seem to be chasing it. It blinks out and we don't see it again. About an hour later, we're getting closer to Fallon, Nevada and we see many, many jets. Something like 10 or more go by us flying low and very fast. We see more lights circling an area that seem strange, but we figure that they are helicopters with some kind of spotlight pointing forward, not at the ground. There is a naval air base near Fallon, and it seems that they are either training or on some sort of alert due to the UFO (the flying orange light) in the area. Strange experience.

Herne Bay 23rd March 2011
Saw a metallic cylinder- type object at 3.30 in the skies between Herne Bay and Swalecliff. Saw silvery oblong object disappearing behind clouds from Gravesend station at 5.38 pm on 3rd June 2011. Two other Ufo sightings mentioned in my book Fireballs, Skyquakes and Hums (2011). The metallic cylinder seen near Herne Bay was on 23rd March 2011. It has sloping at an angle.

Bentwaters 1980 UK
I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters in 1980 when this incident happened. I was an Air Traffic Controller in the RAPCON and working that night. Was quite interesting listening to all the comments coming from the folk on the radio.This incident was not faked.

1965 America
I would like to tell you what my grandma told me in 1975 about an incedent that happened to her in 1965 . she had just gotten back from church and was prepairing sunday supper for her guest which was her son her sister and her sisters husband when a loud humming noise was coming from outside near the barn . they opened up the back door and above the barn was alarge disk which let out 3 smaller disk . they were all hovering over the barn . the 2 males in the family grabbed the shotguns and went outside. the next thing was all 4 waking up on kitchen floor with bad headachs. in 1978 my aunt who was in the house in 1965 was sick in bed and i brought her over some magazines to read and one was a national enquirer with a ufo on front cover. my aunt said isaw one of those before and precede to tell me same story.
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