Friday, August 26, 2011

Why Is The Government Covering Up UFO Sightings?

New series of interviews in the build up to the history channel special on Leslie Kean's work for the documentary Secret Access: UFOs on the Record

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Anonymous said...

Well!..I think we're not alone, &
we don't know why!?..or do we?:)

Product Reviews said...

Of course we know dude. I have even heard far out theories that we spawned greys ourselves as A.I. and they are coming to us from the future....

Anonymous said...

To Product Reviews:)

Ha!ha!..This was really a play on my part,Yes?..because I do know the story quite well! but I couldn't help but think that the "News Medea" is on a level of its own "the FACTS only" Yeah!? but the facts only as they see them!! I was thinking,am I seeing a
snip example, of the public waking up!! via the Medea,but only on one
level of thinking, facts only!!
right?...but what about the "HUGE" story that goes with all this?

In time eh!?..of cause,facts only!?
and thats the hard bit, WHY?
because can people reconize the truth? over doubt!?......

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