Thursday, August 25, 2011

UFO over Laredo Texas August 2011

One of the first UFO videos from the recent mass ufo sighting over Laredo Texas the other day:

Around 2 A.M. this Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was seen for the second night in a row hovering around the south Texas area. The night prior to this event, there was a identical sighting that lasted for almost 3 hours. The object flies and hovers around the sky, flying left the changing course and going right. it seems as if the object has a stationary red and blue light, but two others that strobe and are far apart. About 2 hours after this video another object appeared, but my camera ran out of batter
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Anonymous said...

99% of ufo reports are lies. Why ? because thats the way humans are.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. truth" must THEN mean! that (1%) of reports,..must mean that: "we're not alone!!"

Still good!....:)

Anonymous said...

Please, first commenter at 12:23, what do you think that blinking thing is?
Please describe exactly what type of craft that is?

Do our craft fly like that, blink like that? What type of energy is propelling it? Does it make any sound? I don’t hear any type of engine, strange…

What is it looking for in the Texas area at night? Does it look mission-driven, as if it’s going anywhere specific or doing anything specific? How high is it in the sky? Was its flight coordinated and acknowledged by a flight tower? Was it seen on radar?
Maybe this one falls under your remaining 1% true ufo reports?

Anonymous said...

Oooh,..Yeeeeeah! well said!!!

Anonymous said...

I like to believe some UFO accounts are real, but this is obviously a video of a commercial aircraft flying at a very high altitude. When the camera zooms in, about half way during the video, you can see two distinct wing strobe lights. Just because they are not synchronized does not mean they aren't just wings of a terrestrial aircraft.. Sorry guys :(

Anonymous said...

If you'd like to see a UFO, way harder to identify, look at the Catalonia video, two more videos down from this one..

Kibby said...

I have seen normal commercial aircrafts flying across.. Some of them have newer strobe lights. I'd say 0.5s interval for on, then 0.5s interval for off.. repeating.. very new strobe method like this video..

In past, they flash like camera's flasher... but not anymore it seems.. Correct me if I'm mistaken..

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