Monday, October 03, 2011

Ufo over chile 10/01/2011 22:10 AM san matias ovni

Ufo report in from chile over the area of San Matias:
Filmed 10/01/2011 22:10 AM ovni

Posters description:
Around 22:10 pm that night when everyone went to the house I saw a bright light in the sky, I found very striking and very bright to be a star or plane, take the camera and began recording that purpose, various lights started to come a
round I saw at the beginning and varied his intence as it clearly formed a sort of semi circle or oval tilted, the camera can not quite distinguish color changes but ive red to blue then purple,
orange and green color going strong.

After a while I could not see more. Obviously I felt frightened of the strange and unfamiliar. Several people saw the video and evaluate results to be an Unidentified Flying Object, first captured with a video camera and will try to record any phenomenon

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