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Interesting Ufo Reports in from Readers 2011

A few Interesting Ufo reports in from our readers October 2011.

Please note if you also spotted a ufo in the same location of the below reports we would like to hear a reply from you to this post. Please remember to use the 'submit' button above to report your sighting.Please ensure a copy of your report goes to Mufon as well.

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Indiana 2011

A spherical craft several hundred feet up moving steadily east over Cleveland Road in South Bend, Indiana. This sighting took place on Friday, August 19th, 2011, at about 10:20 am. The weather was sunny and cloudless. The moon was visible in the western sky:

I was driving west on Cleveland Road in South Bend when I noticed a dark circular or spherical object at least several hundred feet up in the air, moving east. The object moved parallel with the road at a steady speed with no erratic motion. It was definitely not an airplane, helicopter, or a bird. It could possibly have been a satellite of some sort, but the object seemed to change its shape subtly as I observed it, especially toward the end of the sighting, which lasted about 30 seconds. The object reflected sunlight and appeared metallic.

As soon as the object passed from view, I did a sharp U-turn and parked in a nearby driveway, got out of my car, and looked east to try to see the object again, but I couldn't spot it.

I had just been talking to my 4 year old son about the moon and how mysterious it is. Just a minute before the sighting he had craned his head down below his car seat shoulder strap to peek out the windshield in order to see the moon (which he saw). He did not see the ufo.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with this witness, and he sounded to us to be exceptionally lucid and eloquent in his description of his sighting. We suspect that he is a very good witness. PD)

Laser shot down from Ufo similar to Indiana one:

I am the first person who reported this sighting. Mish. police was not interested in coming to document (they have no jurisdiction over the sky; airport officials took precise detailed info. County also was not interested, nor the tribune. At 11:30am it was seen over the Luthern church area towards Blair Hills.It was not a black box with red & green lights. It's shape was simular to a moon rover with spider like tripod like legs. Mishappen shaped object, black in color. What was so stunning was the laser beam light like trail it shot on a 60 to 90 degree angle towards Blair Hill's area.

Then moments later the beam came back like it was retrieved back to the "object", like it was in reverse. If that wasn't shocking enough to see, moments later it released another beam towards Blair Hill's and then stopped midair dead in it's track (the beam). This beam, ray, whatever it was . .happened several times. I did see helium balloons near 18th street, but trust me, that was NOT what was being reported. The unidentified "object" that was shooting laser like beams, is what I saw and reported. I took 4 photo's, and have since given all details to the appropriate official's located in LV, Nevada

Watching the Sky over Redding California....unbelievable sight!!

September 2011. I was sitting in the hot tub watching for things in the sky. Normally it's jet since we're in the north/south corridor between southern california and Oregon/Washington. As normal passenger jets were doing there normal flight pattern. Suddenly from the north I noticed a very large dim crescent shaped light flying at an enormous unusual steady speed in somewhat of a frantic pace (my perception). It was almost eerie and made my skin crawl as it began to turn in a quarter arch pattern convering nearly one third the distance from horizon to horizon.

At the end of the arch it then turned suddenly south and began it's constant steady high speed motion in a slight "S" pattern as it continued south to my observable horizon line. The movement of the strange light was more than I expected from what i though a sighting would be in fact made my skin crawl and even after the last 30 minutes my skin is still crawling and my mind is trying to comprehend the realities of what I observed. I thought if I ever saw an actual UFO I would feel differently but after this I relalize the impact of the reality that something beyond us exists. I called my wife and brother and still couldn't find the word to describe what I actually say flying over my head. All I could say outloud was Oh My God...Oh My God.

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