Thursday, October 06, 2011

Ufo over Madrid Spain 10/11/04 ovnis

A person captures on video what looks like a very unusual craft over madrid.
These may just be planes but when he zooms in at 6.35 on the timescale you see the navigational lights upon approach look unusual.
Filmed 10/11/04 i would like your thoughts on what this object may be - quite interesting:

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Randall said...

Looks relatively ordinary to me. Probably a plane.

Randall said...

Actually I think I might take my first statement back. I jumped the gun and didn't watch the entire clip. Does have some strangeness to it.

Anonymous said...

clearly an out of focus plane with landing lights. the resolution is low and the camera operator is using auto focus which allways blooms light sources at a distance

Bathtub said...

I'm sure we've commented on one of this guy's videos before. He's shot hundreds, and they seem almost without exception to show 1) planes and 2) the pointlessness of zooming in on distant lights in the sky.

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