Monday, March 19, 2012

cgi or real? Ufo craft over AMSTEIN GERMANY 03/18/2012

Im highly suspicious of this video, could be a computer edited one.
Please advise what you think of this video:

Poster comments:
I just seen that UFO near Ramstein in Germany, 01:38 am local time, March 18, 2012. This UFO lights flashed for two minutes or so, before it disappeared. There were no sounds with that thing, just flashing lights. I don't think about a heli, but remember our "Ramstein Air Base" right here!
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Anonymous said...

Don't know!...but the vid: seems shorter than usual! Questionable!?

Anonymous said...

the movements look like animation. I only say this because Ive been 3d modeling for quite some time now. Its choppy and robotic. My verdict…fake!

Anonymous said...

maybe Discolights from a spotlight.

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