Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ufo orbs or lanterns? over Kragujevac Serbia

New ufo video report in from Serbia.
Would like to know if you think these could be lanterns?

Poster comments:
Video of unknown luminous objects in the sky above the Kragujevac was quite lifted the leg of my father and me. Uploaded clip is minimally adjusted (subtitled), so you can easily follow the conversation that occurs between the two of us. The recording is a graphical dorańĎivan or altered in any way.
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Anonymous said...

From my point of view, too much movement of the video,to be able to get a "fixed reference point" off anything,to determine speed or direction,that might, have given a
clue as to what it could have been,

Particularly, when zooming in!

Keep the cam: "v e r y" still!:)

Richard kitchenaid professional 600 said...

Chinese Lanterns are the new weather balloons, these don't look like lanterns to me.

Anonymous said...

This are not lanterns for sure.Look how they "close in" on each other..

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