Saturday, March 24, 2012

NASA sun SOHO picture browser offline ?

A reader notified me that when that strange black triangle was noticed on the sun, numerous images of it on the NASA SOHO sun page suddenly went offline the day after it caught wind on the internet - a coincidence?. Rate this posting:


Blue Steel said...

I would like to point out its said "the sun is a doorway".

Made me think of your video, any thoughts?

Blue Steel said...

I forgot to mention it starts at approx 4:43. It looks awfully familiar, hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Anyone took a snapshot before it got turned off?

Anonymous said...

Could this be a HOT potato? and we're seeing the lid being put on it, unbelievably interesting!

Now watch the hole thing go quiet,
hoping we will forget it! or maybe not!?

Chris."Bonnie"Scotland. said...

The Sun just had it's Hat on,but then again it's maybe going out slowly but surley.? "What do you think Guys"???

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should lift our "TRIANGLE"? hat, just slightly to you, Cris."Bonnie" of Scotland!?

I don't know about the SUN!
but the fashion of HATs seems to have gone out slowly!...the one thing! that protected our head from the SUN! & RAIN! & NOW!
we seem to be hellbent on receiving
a good dose of the suns radiation, by shaving our head of hair & "Forget the HAT!!"

So I raise MY hat, just a little, for you! :)

ihaveseen said...

Apologies for my skepticism, but I do believe that this would have been the result of a computer glitch.

The 'triangle in the sun' images are still available on the NASA SOHO site if you search the date 20120314:

So if it is a cover-up like you are implying, then they are doing a really poor job of hiding it.

Anonymous said...

The implication, starts with this Blog, we can only explore the possibilities of what might be, or not! other words: "supposition"

OR! you really do know! but WE have still to catch up, with disbelief, doubt & curiosity along the way for the truth,...mess with us!? and it can all turn to doubt.

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