Tuesday, July 31, 2012

UFO Video: Mandurah, Western Australia 28/07/2012

UFO report in from Mandurah, Western Australia:
Report in from Western Australia:
 Recorded in Mandurah Western Australia, aproximatley around 7:20pm, a strange orb was witnessed by me and my friend, Dwight. The orb was travelling from the Southern Cross constellation over to the north, and a strange object seemed to miss it. My friend Dwight, thought it might be an escape pod. What ever it was, it was spectacular none the less.
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luvoz said...

its a bird ,the object that flies past is probably just a shooting

Anonymous said...

What are you eating,Aus:? see what you've done now?you've just upset the universe!?Thats the seeckest shooting star, you've ever seen:)..
we've ever seen?..pass that by us ageen..............')

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