Thursday, August 02, 2012

Pilot Claims To See UFO - KCI Airport: 1/8/2012

Calling all folks in Kansas City, we would like to know if you've seen any UFO activity following this pilot's recent report, featured in this news report:

Someone who says he is a commercial pilot has posted on a UFO website, claiming he spotted a UFO while flying into Kansas City International Airport on Monday night. The pilot posted the sighting on UFO Stalker saying he was on approach to the airport from St Louis when he and his co-pilot noticed an unidentified object following their plane."
The report:
 As called in to ASD by phone: (witness wishes to remain anonymous) I am the pilot of a regularly scheduled commercial aircraft flight from St. Louis to Kansas City and was on approach to KCI when my co-pilot said he saw an unidentified object to the right of the aircraft that appeared to be following us. It was not yet in my range of view, so I asked him to confirm that and the object remained. I radioed the tower and asked for radar confirmation but there was none. Then the object came into my view to the right front of the aircraft. At that point we were approximately 35 minutes out from the airport. The object was a silver/gray color and had three blue/white lights on the bottom and one on the top. It was a disc-shaped craft with a low dome on top. It was approximately 300 feet from our aircraft and NNE of our position. Then the object suddenly moved underneath us and to the left, and continued at the our same rate of speed. I discussed this with my co-pilot and we decided not to tell the tower what we saw because of what happens when reports like this are made. The tower then asked us to confirm an unidentified object and I said it was no longer in view. I was concerned, however, that it might be a problem. The object stayed with us for approximately 22 minutes. When I decreased aircraft speed for approach, the object slowed as well, then went directly south of our position at a very high rate of speed - faster than any aircraft I've ever seen. I was a military pilot for 14 years and know what type of aircraft we have. It was definitely NOT a man-made aircraft. Some pilots have lost their jobs when they report a UFO, and I would like to keep mine so am not providing my name or contact information. Some of the passengers were discussing this as they left the plane but we did not discuss it with them. Other crew members saw it as well, but did not report it. I just wanted to tell someone about it. Note: phone number is for ASD since witness would not provide a number
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Nemesis said...

An imagined conversation between a passenger on that plane and the pilot of that aircraft who has called this sighting in anonymously.

Passenger; Captain, did you see it?

Pilot: See what?

We now live in a fascist age where truth and reason are second place to secrecy and coverup!

sp said...

Yet another bad link....

Anonymous said...

The flight time from St Louis to KCI is 27 minutes. The 'UFO' had to pick up the flight 5 minutes out of St Louis. KCI is really referred to as MCI isn't it? I call bogus on this sighting. Surely someone or a passenger would have taken a photo since everyone carries a camera these days, don't they?

Anonymous said...

I really dont think a normal person is looking outside their window thinking "I'm gonna see a UFO". Personally I may just glance out the window just to see if I can see the ground, Or weather (overcast). Then I'd go back to reading a book or magazine or sleep. Last thing on my mind is to go on a plane with a good camera praying to see a UFO. I also turn off my iPhone since there is a request to turn off electronics ( and why turn it on if there is no reception up there anyway). If your playing a game on it i think u are tending more to that than looking outside the window. I'm NOT speaking for everyone but generally this is what I think most people do. (my opinion)

Anonymous said...

Flight time from kci to st Louis is 27, flight time from st Louis to kci is 35, and anyone from the Kansas city area calls it kci, even all the news stations around here call it kci. Not saying its legit, just throwing that out there.

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