Sunday, July 29, 2012

Giant Meteor Fireballs Strike Russia: July 2012

Reminiscent of something out of War of the Worlds, two Russians stand in awe as the streaking fireballs appear in the morning sky before them. Do you think the footage looks genuine?
Meteor Fireballs Strike Russia July 2012:
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Anonymous said...

In 1998 , I observed a meteor or space debree hit the ground ,twice in 4 hours , south of Seattle. The video in Russia had the same appearance as the objects in Russia.I think the video is real.

Greg P

Anonymous said...

Great, now in August a lot of Meteors would rain down to earth.

Its Published in Astronews

Anonymous said...

Hi sky watchers!

Could be satellite parts falling down fast. . .?
. . .and breaking more apart too. . .?

Blue skies.

Anonymous said...

The footage looks amazing!!
but does the footage look genuine?
well,yes!!...its more the question
of: "IS" the footage genuine?
On the face of it;it looks genuine!

I have this problem with it though!
The top so called fireball; its trajectory seems to curve, go through the cloud cover,where you don't see it for a bit, and then
reappear as two!? and in my opinion
much too quickly through the cloud cover. I thought!? continue & disappear over the horizon.

Something is not right with this
viewing! If its a CGI.its a "dam" good one......?

PS. Its because of CGIs. I'm sitting on the fence,and those I talk with, for the same reason!!
Its not so much the technology of
"Computer-Generated-Images" which in its self, is amazing and useful
peace of Tech: BUT its the irresponsible use of it,that some seem to get a kick from.Its poison!

THIS IS A THREAT to the realtruth
of Ufology!How can anyone in doubt
get past it?...unless! you have seen something incredibily convincing yourself, but for the rest of us,thats another story of uncertainty,we know the story ALL TOO WELL! but do we know the truth? beyond a "shadow of doubt" When there is so much DECEPTION!!

Lady said...

Hard to say scince CGI is in everything these days. Although looking at the video I would expect the clouds to be lightened up with the object entering the atmosphere and it seems to only be local but on the other hand I might be mistaken. I've seen things fall from the sky like this but they broke up before they hit the ground and it was at night, these objects look like something more deliberate then a meteor and if they hit land they also look close enough to have caused a disturbance on the ground but the video stops there. It's hard to say if it's fake or not but if its real one must wonder just what these object are

Anonymous said...

IDIOTS!!!! ITS rocets warhead testing. Dibiloids american..

Anonymous said...

19700-20098 Roundup Way, Apple Valley, CA 92308

the truth shall set us free

Anonymous said...

It smacks of fraud. Note that the top one pops out from behind the bottom of the cloud far sooner than it should have based on the entry velocity (almost immediately, in fact). Note also that its preceded from the bottom of the cloud by one that was not apparent at all prior. It seems most certainly CGI work. It's excellent in appearance but seemingly poor in execution.

Anonymous said...


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