Saturday, August 04, 2012

Crop Circles Appear - Lincoln County, Washington: 24/7/ 2012

We would like to hear from anyone in Lincoln County, if you have further information on this recent Crop Circle in the area:

 Report: A set of crop circles appeared in an eastern Washington wheat field last week, much to the amusement of the field’s owners. The crop circles were first spotted July 24, when friends of the Geibs noticed the flattened wheat about five miles north of the town of Wilbur, Wash. The field is 10 miles south of the Grand Coulee dam, which the Bureau of Reclamation says is the largest hydropower producer in the U.S. The circles resemble a four-leaf clover. Cindy said they remind her of Mickey Mouse ears. The design knocked down about an acre of their wheat.
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Anonymous said...

These circles appeared on a farm on Highway 174 which intersects with Highway 2. It's interesting to note that several now moth-balled ballistic missiles silos exist right in that region. To quote, "In 1959 the United States Air Force located an Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile site outside Sprague (on Hwy 2), part of a system of Cold War defense missiles located within a 200-mile radius of Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane County. The Air Force dismantled the Sprague site in 1967. Other Atlas missile sites in Lincoln County were constructed at Davenport, Reardon, Lamona, and Wilbur (all along Hwy 2). Missiles were stored in underground reinforced-concrete structures. All these sites had been dismantled by the late 1960s." From

DustyVv said...

I hate how our reporters make it seem like a joke. And how they could've just said "There's a crop circle" and been done. No good information in the entire report. Our media fails.

Anonymous said...

although this particular crop circle is very"plain",i do NOT believe it is "pranksters".crop circles date back over 300 years...sure their might have been vandals making a few,(plain ones)," over time.,but the majority are VERY complex and intricate.,and beautiful....and man CANNOT take the credit for these.i believe they are messages,(hard to decipher),granted...but i think we will know soon,what they mean....

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