Sunday, July 15, 2012

UFO Video From Plane, Queensland Australia: 11/04/2012

A new UFO video sent in by a reader showing what looks like a huge black shadow ring, passing the aircraft.
Possibly a cloaked craft or even a black smoke ring? I would like your feedback on this footage:
I also want to remind everyone that this is one reason why I highly recommend when you fly to take a window seat, keep an eye on the skies outside and have your video cameras and smart phones ready - its is surprising how many people infact do see UFOs from within an aircraft these days!

Filmers comments:
 Footage of a luminescent UFO shadow caught over Queensland, Australia in Qantas QF 98 flight from Hong Kong HKG to Brisbane ADL, Australia. The cabin was undergoing turbulence, over 30 000 feet above the ground. The incredibly large, circular shadow, seems to be cast by an object much closer to the ground than the plane, but invisible to the human eye. The shadow lit up the ground noticeably, which is the opposite of a shadow's normal behavior.

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Anonymous said...

This video was a short quick shot,
that left me thinking!?...but my first impressions were,seeing the actual craft its self, TRANSLUCENT!
or if you like; SEMI-CLOAKED!!

I didn't think it was a shadow on the ground,..THAT would have been a
"vast area" and not seen, at great height!?

I think the craft! what ever it was
past by,underneath & to one side of the Plane!...and the Pilot didn't even know, except for the viewer whom, had taken this lucky shot!?..very lucky shot!..try & do that again!?..........

TeKnology said...

I dunno. I could swear I saw the light in the plane dim as this shadow or whatever it was passed by. That would happen if it was an object flying over head and blocking out light from the sun. It may have been a translucent craft but I think it was flying higher than the plane. I didn't notice any distortion of the ground as it passed. Translucent objects would have created some sort of distortion. A transparent object not so much at all if any.

Anonymous said...

Cheers! to "Teknology"

I dunno either!...but could it be
possible, there might have been others with this one that you saw,
flying above, & below the plane,that might account for the light dimming?...quite often two or more UFO.are seen, but you managed to video record one.......

Anonymous said...

Maybe the light dimmed because of the Electro magnetic field coming from the approaching cloaked object?!....It as too perfectly round to be a reflection of anything in the aircraft.....and my guess the turbulence was caused by the craft as well.....

Anonymous said...

I would agree with all of that comment! from: 2.40PM..........

Anonymous said...

Recently I saw a documentary about an insect, that after hatching from it's larvae, forms circular swarms high in the atmosphere. I can't remember the name of this insect..just that it was a type of fly. Maybe this might be your answer??

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