Friday, August 31, 2012

Bright UFO Lights, North India: 29/08/2012

Bright UFO lights over North India -  or were they simply flares?
Posters comment:
"On a trip to North India, this UFO was seen in the evening sky. Not sure what it is?."
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Anonymous said...

awesome video but this is what it looks like to me

skahooch21 said...

It certainly seems like flares, however, it more seems like a flare is dropping the flares! No dark, physical structure of a plane or jet in front of the flares!!!

Anonymous said...

a youtube user said this was an old video and this uploader just put fake new date on it.

Nell186 said...

Amazing video! You can actually see it quite clearly,loks real.

Anonymous said...

Amazing yes! and they do look like Flares,AND a lot of them!!

BUT...if these are Flares, why do they only last a few seconds and then fade out? this the flare you know?...something rong with this.I think something else is going on here,and not the flares we think they might be............

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