Tuesday, August 28, 2012

UFO Witnessed From Crop Circle In Avebury: 19/08/2012

While walking through a Crop Circle in Avebury, a family and other witnesses spotted an intensely bright UFO. Yes, they actually filmed it! Its often postulated that real Crop Circles are made from Plasma Orbs - could this be one?
Filmer's comments:
Please note, although the length of time that you see the object is brief, before I got to my video camera to start filming it was larger and glowing incredibly brightly. Like someone in the sky was shining a dazzlingly bright torch through a diamond/prism/crystal. It was unreal.
Best to view in full screen:

Part 2
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Anonymous said...

Ever notice something the same in all recent crop circles ? They all have thin lines running through and or around them. I cannot find one that is free of some gap in the grass, they all have entry points from the ground. Is this they new style ?

DustyVv said...

I love the excitement from these people. It seems to me that UFO activity has been increasing. In my area at least. If you just keep looking to the sky, you will see one.

JONEZ said...

Guys this was another ISS pass.Educate yourselves people. Stop pretending to be interested in the night sky & then post videos proving you know very little about whats actually going on in it. Its incredibly amateur & annoying.

Bathtub said...

I don't see much to get excited about here. Early in the morning, all kinds of inbound and outbound transAtlantic air traffic is passing over this part of England (where I happen to live). This is almost certainly the sun glinting off an aircraft.

Anonymous said...

@JONEZ the space station doesn't just vanish in a split second, so stop pretending you know it all and it's incredibly annoying that you come up with such a half arsed explination for it!! If shit like this bothers you then why are you even here looking at UFO vids?!?!

You should have known.... it's feckin swamp gas :S

JONEZ said...

@ whoever is @ting JONEZ (me) above, you are a clown. I'm very interested in ufology that's why I'm here but I'm not so obsessed with the idea of little green men that I let ignorance of details take over me & claim spaceships at the drop of a hat. Let me school you on your vanishing theory shall I ? It vanishes sir because its the ISS heading into the shadow of the Earth. Please pick up a book & understand what is going on in the sky above & beyond in physical terms then you wont come across as another ill informed, mouth shooting, hard core UFO believer. People like you do way more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

Hey jonezy.. I am very aware of what your talking about in regards to the earths shadow being cast onto the ISS (seen it myself a few times) to me this didn't seem to be the same... but it is just basic footage to go off, both you or i can't really make a statement that means anything if you wan't to be honest about it, because we were not there!!!

Can the ISS be place in this "precise" location at the "precise" time of the video been taken???????????

P.S You might wanna reframe from talking down to people on the net... coz thats the way your initial post come accross. it's not needed.

Just sayin!!!!

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