Tuesday, August 28, 2012

UFOs On Weather Report, Long Beach, California: 19/08/2012

UFO witnessed on Weather Report! Long Beach News KTLA Channel 5 Waves in
California. August 19, 2012. Would like to know if anyone in the area also saw these lights?
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Anonymous said...

I live in Long Beach and between my parents and I we have 3 sightings of UFO's here on three separate occasions over the years. Catalina trench off shore seems to be a haven for USO's and then there's the Naval Weapons station where nuclear warheads were kept and possible underground facility where who knows what could be going on.

Anonymous said...

That is so hilarious!
I bet the ET's aka the Anunaki are laughing their cone heads off at us humans :-) ; they flash themselves on National TV and people are still debating whether they are here or not.

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