Saturday, September 01, 2012

Aircraft Lights Or UFOs? Teran, Iran: 31/08/2012

Allegedly filmed over Teran, Iran Aug 31 2012. Would like to hear your opinions on what these lights could be:
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Anonymous said...

anything 3rdphaseofmoon has uploaded so far screams fake , so obviously cgi... check out his channel, he's shameless

skahooch21 said...

Oh, look, another fake video from Thirdphaseofmoon! The issue with this video is that Tehran is a larger city....and there's only this single video to show this exciting sighting! As well as no news reports, or just a UFO report in general.

I'm not on a vendetta to put down thirdphase, I promise, I just despise the fact that these guys are so eager to post very obvious hoaxes and fakes.

Anonymous said...

This UFO sighting stood out to me because just yesterday (Saturday Sept 1, 2012) I read an article titled : "Israelis Say UN Report Strengthens Iran Warning Signs", saying "The report by the U.N. nuclear agency, which emerged on Thursday, concluded that Iran had stepped up the installation of centrifuges capable of making weapons-grade material in an underground bunker at its Fordo underground facility, safe from most aerial attacks."

Now as it is implying that it the "Centrifuges" are capable of making weapons centrifuges can also be used to make things levitate, just like anti-gravity machines used to train astronauts. And if perfected could also be used as a new way of flight....

Here are the links to the articles. You decide =)



Bathtub said...

What is implying that 'centrifuges can also be used to make things levitate'?
Nothing that I can see, and as a point of fact, they can't. The Iranians also have no capability whatsoever to develop a new means of flight. They can barely keep their ageing conventional aircraft in the air.

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