Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Calling All UFO Witnesses: Western Sydney.

Just a call out to anyone in Sydney if you saw a strange craft in the sky today please reply to this post.

The Australian Broad View Unexplained (Under the Radar) is making a direct appeal to the people of Western Sydney for witnesses to an unusual occurrence this afternoon (Monday, October 29, 2012: circa 3PM).

We observed what appeared to be a conventional jet aircraft traveling south at exceptional speed (faster than anything we have previously observed) - this jet was leaving a distinct heavy vapor trail; the observation became an anomaly when this craft completed a sharp turn to the right, a 90 degree turn (it's vapor trail immediately looked like a colossal reverse 'L' in the sky) - as the vehicle headed west, the next extraordinary thing happened, a small bright (star like) ball appeared out of nowhere and shot up toward the jet (as though to intercept it) - it then dropped back toward the ground at an angle and disappeared from view, like a light being turned out.

We would like to know if anyone else in western Sydney or northern Sydney observed this event in part or in full, we would also like to learn if anybody can provide a sensible explanation for the 'happening'.

We were not able to secure photographs, but it was such an unusual incident that if it did not go unnoticed by others, you would expect that somebody would have snapped a still frame or a video on their mobile phone or (charged) digital camera?

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Anonymous said...

I saw a strange light last night around 1.30am (30/10/12). It was a full moon last night and I could see it from my bedroom window from about 10pm - 11pm. Around 1.30am today i noticed a very bright light in the sky - it look like it reflected different colours - although it was yellow light I could see a bit of green and red lights. I put my glasses on to ensure I wasn't seeing anything weird and the shape of the supposed star was triangular. And too large and bright to have been a star. It was stationed in the same position for 2 hours and then it disappeared... it may have been covered by a cloud - but found it rather odd it had disappeared and also how large and bright it was, and I coukld make out specs of other colours. Around 3.30am it disappeared. This was scene around the skies of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs - Bondi / Bronte.... just want to know if anyone else saw this last night? and whether it was a star that was very brightly shinning or a UFO as I suspected.

Perry Bacchus said...

Hi all. This morning around 9am I was walking around Farm Cove towards the Opera House in Sydney. The waning moon was very bright in the morning sunlight, as I stopped to take it in, I noticed what I thought to be two birds of a light colour flying close to the moon. As I looked on I saw they seemed to move as if playing in the air. I realised that they were too high to be birds, and did not move like birds or aircraft. They also gleamed as they made turns towards the sun, making me think they were oblong. As I fumbled for my iphone, they took off above me and to the east. Then just disappeared. I did not get any photos. I am baffled as to what they were. Definitely not birds and not aircraft. my email is [email protected]. Thanks for reading.

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