Thursday, November 01, 2012

UFO Ovni Lights Captured On Video, Benidorm, Spain.

UFO over Benidorm, Spain.

Filmers comments:
THIS amazing footage was captured by me, Kaleb in Benidorm, Spain on the night of October 13/14th in the middle of the night. I recorded this 10 minute video using my Sony Cyber Shot H70 Digital Video Camera using the best possible quality at 720p with Bionz technology and zoomed in as close as possible using 10X optical zoom. THIS IS NOT A HOAX, nor is it ANY kind of crappy CGI effects either. This footage is 100% authentic and I have the original film still on my 4GB TDK SD memory card which is now kept in a safe and secret location. This is the best sighting and footage captured of a UFO in the year 2012. What makes this event unique and special is that the space craft appears to be morphing, changing size and shape as the lights in the video appear to be all over the place from one to another. It also changes colors from standard white to BLUE and possible other colors too. The object appeared to be moving at a steady speed before vanishing behind a tall apartment tower block next to some mountains.
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Anonymous said...

Great video, if it is real.

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