Saturday, November 03, 2012

New Jersey, Hurricane Sandy...& UFOs?

Apparently, a police officer recorded this UFO just hours after Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey, on November 1st, 2012. If anyone else can confirm this sighting, it would be much appreciated.
We would like your thoughts and comments on this strange footage:
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David said...

Reminds me of the things that were seen in medieval Germany, by Constantine, and even by Christopher Columbus. I personally feel that the extraterrestrial are not just observing us, but possibly shaping our human experience. Seeing how we react. Similarly to how, in Star Trek: The Next Generation, that the Federation would observe a species but would not interfere or present themselves unless they were ready.

Greg St. Pierre said...

Looks more like 100% proof anybody with a computer can make UFOs. Dillutes and pullutes the real phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

I think your very close, David! Could it be seen,that Earth is being FARMED!? and we don't know it
anymore than "sheep & cattle do"but
farmed for what??..."Quality" of genetics!? quality of the spirit!?
the soul!?how we treat one another,
farmed for reproduction!? seven
billion of us, and climbing! and at
the end of this life,its the end of this world ,for us ALL,and when our time comes,we face THE END!!*

But could death be likened to a "metamorphosis?" like in the "Monarch butterfly" The end of the Caterpillar!..just to fly away as the Monarch!...but for us,a far
greater thing to take place, on a
much higher level of reality,yet to
be discovered. Could it be Human farming,as a zoo!with a wide array of life forms, and we just don't get it!? because we are so full of thoughts about this being our planet, in our arrogance.

THERE's a good reason why no Disclosure!...while other ET,s try to come down and raid the show & this could explain the war going on, up there! with the occasional
lights of fire or ufo.plummeting to its peril in the escape of those
pursuing them.Check out ED Grimsley
videos, on night vision, and his claim of a war going on up there!?

Our ancient past thousands of years ago BC.certainly shows,that extraterrestrial MUST have had a hand in our welfare,and still do!?

Long time farming uuh!! Call it,Gods will! the testing ground of
humanity,..on mother Earth,in the spirit of things yet to come.......

Darkhorsesean11 said...

A lot of my friends said that they seen the same thing first hand, about 10 of them so this is not a hoax

Darkhorsesean11 said...

This was not a hoax! 10 of my friends from roxbury nj saw this same flying object over their houses. I couldnt believe it when they told me until this video came out.

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