Monday, November 26, 2012

Peculiar UFO Lights On Israel / Palestine border

As we all know the Israel/Palestine border is an area of serious conflict at present.
Could this footage be of some anti-aircraft defence system or is it something more unusual?
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Anonymous said...

Wow the fact that anybody would label that a ufo sighting is going to boggle my mind and cause years of nightmares. That is so clearly a type of ammo. Unless these et's do not obtain the knowledge to not blow up five hundred feat off the ground. And the only other light i saw came from dudes scratched camera lens. Why post videos that are clearly nat ufos. Like i could throw a starburts in the air video tape it label it fruity ufo and you would post it cmon guy use ur comon sense

skahooch21 said...

I was very hopeful that this was something we hadn't seen from ufos, but after looking up night time anti-aircraft guns, I can't say that's it anything other than military fire.

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