Sunday, January 06, 2013

Ancient Aliens -Aliens & Power Plants

Egyptian hieroglyphs depict the use of light bulbs in tombs and secret chambers. And batteries may have been discovered among artifacts from Mesopotamia. Did the Ancients understand electricity, and if so, how did they discover this technology? 
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Anonymous said...

PRECISELY!!!...and thank you!

The "proposals"are ASKED!! WHAT IF?
and probably incompatible to todays
logic of thinking, for some!? but
you've got to admit,its thought provoking!?and I really think,the Ancient past,has been misunderstood
and discredited, for being seen as primitive! when all the time, it was far from it.

So much time! So much decay! So much water has gone under the bridge,that we have forgotten our roots,and made new ones.So here we all are,trying to make sense of where we're all at, what is our future,and what was our true past?

Perhaps in fear!? that we might repeat the past again, for the first time:) in our future!?

You know the saying?.."Where no man
has been before"...Think again!?

If a high radiation count, is read
from: "Ancient skeletons" WELL RIGHT THERE! is a story to wake up to,and that is just one, of many!?

The "destruction" of land, ancient structures! readings of radiation,
when we thought that could only be
explained in todays modern world,
has got to rase some eyebrows, yes?

I wonder,and tend to think, that in our Ancient past,long ago,there
could have been, a HUGE Alien presence here on earth, here in there own interest, to upgrade mankind, to teach him of a better way of life, how to build MAGNIFICENCE!? in all aspecs of life,and you can see that in most of the stone work, every where!
but how could mankind get started
without the tools?..and this is where it gets interesting, as the
hypotheses goes.

Considering the huge presence of
extraterrestrials as it might have been at that time,would have been
no problem for the have moved in with their technology,and make camp, so to speak!

"A HUGE mobile factory" compleat with all that was required,to teach
and to build, a new start for mankind,and then for what ever the reasons,they left!? leaving little
trace,of them ever having been there.

Thousands of years later, after so much decay,and time that had past,
we were left only, with the
MAGNIFICENCE of stone work, to admire,and think what we will......

Anonymous said...

Stupid reply...humans are much smarter than u give them credit

Anonymous said...

I agree with you

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 2:57pm.

Hahaha!...Thats ok! you might be right!? its only a: What if?:) as
something to consider, yes?

And NO one,is suggesting that mankind is not smart!! just look at our cities today!! just look at you!? Can YOU explain how such
magnificence was cut from stone in
those times,when its considered today, "from master Engineers" that
conputer operated machinery, would
be requied, to duplicate this.

Accurately cut & drilled, "hard stone" & SCULPTURED art,in addition!?

MANKIND is only as skilled, as the tools or Technology, they possess!!

For example!? a MECHANIC is only as good as the tools he has! Can he
recondition the motor, of your car?

So what & where, are these tools that had created all these marvels?

For a start, it is suggested that
"mankind" may not have MADE all these marvels, but have only assisted in them!?....So who did???

The ball is now ,in your court:)...

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